Reasons to Use Invisalign

Besides the technical reasons, there are a few everyday advantages of using Invisalign. Lets discuss them one by one:

1. They Are Nearly Invisible

Most people wouldn’t even notice the aligners unless they are under extremely bright lights. This is a major advantage as compared to the metallic braces that stand out from a mile.

2. They Help With Your Dental Hygiene

A prerequisite of using Invisalign aligners is that you brush and floss every time you are about to put them in. This means that every time you take them off for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, you end up brushing and flossing. In this way, your dental hygiene will be extraordinary throughout the procedure.

Also, they don’t interfere with the brushing and flossing as metallic braces do.

3. The Trays Keep You on Track

Just like the days of your crooked teeth, the trays are numbered. That means every time you replace a tray with a newer version, you are one step closer to the completion of the procedure. Many patients have found that the numbered trays helped keep them on track, and helped them focus on the completion of the procedure.

4. No Needles

Need we say more? The whole Invisalign procedure can be completed without the use of a single needle. That means going to the dentist became less frightening. The aligners are made of plastic and can be put on and taken off manually, no tools required.

With all the mentioned advantages along with no damage to gum tissues, and no limitations on what you can and cannot eat, the choice of Invisalign aligners over metallic braces is a no brainer.

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