Invisalign Procedure

The Invisalign procedure is swift and easy. Let’s take you through it:

Invisalign Procedure Los Angeles
1. Making an Appointment

Choose our Invisalign licensed providers and make an appointment. You can book an appointment with our Los Angeles Invisalign dentist by filling in the form at the right hand corner of your screen.

2. Visit the Dentist

Your dentist would first examine your teeth and determine a treatment for you. The standard Invisalign procedure involves the dentist taking some digital photographs of your teeth. After the photographs and x-rays, the dentist would require an impression of your teeth. A gelatin like substance is used to take an impression, which can later be used as molding. The substance has to be placed in your mouth for a couple of minutes.

Using the images, x-rays and molding, the doctor can show you how your teeth would appear during and after the treatment. The whole process usually takes about 30 minutes. No needles, no pain, no usual anxiety while visiting the dentist.

3. Get your Aligners

Using the impressions and moldings, Align Laboratory makes custom aligners that fit your teeth perfectly. In the third step of the treatment, you get your aligners from the dentist. The aligners are light, plastic, removable, and comfortable. You have to wear them throughout the day and night, only remove them when you eat or drink something, and clean them before you place them in your mouth.

The Invisalign aligners do not damage your gum tissues. While wearing them, you can continue with your daily life without any hassle.

4. Periodic Checkups

Based on your case, your Invisalign dentist will tell you how often you need to get a checkup. You will also get new aligners after specific periods of time; each new aligner applies a different level of force until your teeth get into that perfect formation.

5. Smile

The time for the treatment to be over is different for every patient. On average it would take a year or less to get your teeth into perfect shape and to get your aligners off for good.

Now that you know how simple and convenient Invisalign procedure is, you should make an appointment with your Invisalign dentist and get started. You can book your online appointment now, by filling the form on the right hand side.

Invisalign is the latest advancement in dental technology, and is the easiest way to align your teeth in a painless, pleasant manner.

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