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Have crooked teeth or cross bite? Do not want braces? Choose Invisalign.

Teeth Correction With InvisalignInvisalign is the near invisible plastic solution for crooked teeth. It is an alternative method that comes without the usual disadvantages of metallic mouth braces. The aligners can be removed while you eat and drink; they apply lesser force and thus do not damage your gums and supporting tissues. And most importantly, Invisalign is invisible.

Why Invisalign?

Let’s face it; you do not want to go to your workplace, in social gathering, and in public with metallic mouth braces. They are heavy, they are uncomfortable, and they do not look good. Any injury sustained to the teeth while wearing metal braces may be amplified due to the presence of braces. Braces are bad for your gums and your image.

Meanwhile, Invisalign is an invisible protective tray that you can use instead of braces. The aligners protect your teeth, and straighten them, until you truly get the million dollar smile you deserve.

Invisalign treatment is much more flexible, you can choose to take the aligners off when you want. However, Invisalign dentists recommend you wear the tray for at least 22 hours a day, in order to storm through the treatment.

The Method

Our Los Angeles Invisalign Dentist would recommend you the treatment after a thorough examination. It is a standard procedure to get a new set of aligners with a periodic gap of two weeks. Each new set applies lesser force than the previous one, easing your teeth into shape as you get ready to dazzle everyone with your smile.

The gap may vary depending on how many hours per day you use the aligners and what is recommended by your dentists or orthodontist.

The Dentists

There are only a few dentists in every region who are licensed and trained as Invisalign providers. In LA, the number of dentists providing Invisalign is even lower. Align Technology provides special training to dentists and orthodontists, and ensures that they provide high quality services to the patients. As a patient and a paying customer, you have the right to choose whether a dentist is right for you or not.

You deserve a set of healthy, perfectly aligned teeth without the encumbrance of metal braces. Avoid social awkwardness, injury, and inconvenience, and choose Invisalign.

Make an appointment with our Los Angeles Invisalign Dentist today. The dentists mentioned on this website have been authorized by Align to provide Invisalign treatment. Make an appointment, visit our dental office, and start on your journey towards beautiful, healthy teeth.

Invisalign Dentist Los Angeles
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