Effective Teeth Retention: Vivera vs. Conventional Retainers

Misalignment, unevenness, and over-crowding usually start at the lower front row of teeth. From there it may spread, as the crowded lower teeth push the upper teeth in different directions. From a dentists’ point of view, everyone needs protection from misalignment, and that includes people with naturally perfect teeth.

Most orthodontists and dentists agree that misalignment happens at varying rates to every person. With some people the rate is faster than the others. The easiest way to protect one’s teeth from misalignment is to use retainers.

Retainers prevent your teeth from moving into undesired directions, and help maintain a perfect teeth formation. That being said, wearing retainers is pretty much a lifelong commitment. People with perfect bodies have to workout and sweat, and only then they reach and maintain a body image they desire. Similarly, people with perfect smile have to show extra dedication towards their dental health, and have to put in a lot of extra effort to gain that perfect smile.

There are various types of retainers out there. A common kind of retention technique is to permanently install metal retainers in the patient’s mouth. Although metal retainers get the job done, they may cause corrosion and tissue damage, along with damage to the tongue. Also, the patients end up with a permanent metallic device in their mouths.

Vivera retainers are similar to Invisalign aligners; they are similar in shape to the aligners and are made of the same plastic material. Therefore Vivera retainers are a much better solution. After the first few weeks of retention, you only have to wear them while you sleep. They also help protect your teeth from damage caused by grinding and clenching.

An added benefit is that they come in a package of four sets, so if you damage or lose your Vivera retainers, you always have spares at hand. All in all, Vivera retainers are a much better option than metallic retainers.

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