Cosmetic Value of the Invisalign Procedure

In several of our other blog posts, we have already discussed the importance of the cosmetic value of the Invisalign aligners. While most parents already remember how it was like to wear metallic braces as teenagers. Let us reminisce what it was like to have metal and wire in one’s mouth, and let us compare it with the latest technology.

Just a decade ago, metallic braces were pretty much the only option to fix crooked teeth. While several dentists adopted several treatments, nearly all treatments involved needles, metals, wires, and a sudden nose dive in the patient’s confidence.

Grownups did not wish to be seen with metallic braces, and teenagers were embarrassed to smile. Metallic braces haunted the previous generation, and became a pop culture symbol for nerdiness. Meanwhile, the dentists’ offices gained reputation as places of horror. The dentists were represented in movies and television as listened torturers (albeit in good humor).

It is a well known fact that children and teenagers with metallic braces were often targets for ridicule, and were insecure about their smiles. This resulted in such children being less social, and more inclined towards being introverts, all because they were afraid of being made fun of.

The modern dental technology has changed all that. The children and teenagers undergoing Invisalign procedure are not afraid to show their pearly whites in public. After all, the aligners are nearly invisible, and can be taken off and put back on with ease.

As a result, the self-assurance and confidence levels among Invisalign teenagers are high, and their visits to the dentists are quite pleasant. That is the reason why more and more dentists, orthodontists, and patients are choosing Invisalign over other treatment methods.

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