‘Tis The Season To Smile

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Have you wished for straighter and whiter teeth (without metal braces)? Perhaps “Invisalign” is right for you.  Z Dental Group has a special offer to make your dream come true. Make an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION before the end

Retainers: A Necessary Requirement After Teeth Alignment

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After you finally take that last Invisalign aligner off, and your teeth are perfectly aligned, you need to adopt some precautionary methods to make sure they stay that way. Your dentist/orthodontist would advice using retainers in this regard. Some people

The Invisalign Smile

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Getting your teeth aligned with Invisalign is not only good for your dental health; it is also good for your life. Most of the teenagers and grownups with bad teeth are afraid to smile in public, because they believe people

Reasons to Use Invisalign

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Besides the technical reasons, there are a few everyday advantages of using Invisalign. Lets discuss them one by one: 1. They Are Nearly Invisible Most people wouldn’t even notice the aligners unless they are under extremely bright lights. This is

Parents’ Role in the Invisalign Treatment

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Orthodontic treatment for kids and teenagers is a process that usually involves active involvement from family members, especially parents. The first step is to take your kid/teen to the orthodontist/dentist and get a recommendation. The dentist/orthodontist is the best person

Effective Teeth Retention: Vivera vs. Conventional Retainers

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Misalignment, unevenness, and over-crowding usually start at the lower front row of teeth. From there it may spread, as the crowded lower teeth push the upper teeth in different directions. From a dentists’ point of view, everyone needs protection from

Cosmetic Value of the Invisalign Procedure

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In several of our other blog posts, we have already discussed the importance of the cosmetic value of the Invisalign aligners. While most parents already remember how it was like to wear metallic braces as teenagers. Let us reminisce what

Why Retainers are Important?

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Once you are done with your teeth alignment with Invisalign, you still have to wear retainers quite regularly. Most patients are a little upset when their dentist/orthodontist tells them that they would have to wear retainers for the rest of

The Invisalign Treatment

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People with crooked teeth, cross bite, minor gaps or crowding are perfect candidates for Invisalign treatment. Patients with major dental issues should consult our dentists for a suitable treatment. Even if you think you are a perfect candidate for Invisalign

How to Clean Invisalign Aligners?

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When you receive new Invisalign aligners, you will notice that there is a slight powdery residue in them. That residue is a result of the sterilization and disinfection process that follows the manufacturing process. That powdery residue is harmless, but

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